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Joy's Idea Garden
Joyce Pearl Jones, MS, PHR, is a Garden Tourism Consultant and Speaker, who consults with leadership teams who are eager to learn what garden tourism and garden destination holds for our future. 

Consider these facts: 
As gardening is America's number one hobby, the potential travel niche to Public Gardens is unlimited. 

As travel is the world's largest industry, the benefits that can be realized are unlimited. 

Leadership teams and employee groups; family reunion and social groups; board of directors, medical centers and nursing homes, higher education groups and others will discover how to lower the carbon footprint of air/cruise travel by joining Ms. Jones on a custom designed Eco-Garden Tour, with eco-friendly transportation.
Convention and Visitor bureaus and Chambers of Commerce will benefit from Ms. Jones' travel and tourism industry expertise as a former hotel and resort executive and human resources leader.  Her speeches focus on eco-garden tourism and how Garden-Golf tours are designed to capture the NEW GREEN TRAVELER.
Client Organizations
Joy's Idea Garden
Since l984,
clients include resorts and hotels, company headquarters, law firms, universities, entrepreneurs and conferences and more.
A partial list includes:
  • Hallmark Cards headquarters
  • Arlington and Majestic Resorts
  • Linde, Thompson law firm
  • Payless Cashways headquarters
  • Marion Merrill Dow     Pharmeceuticals
  • United Telephone
  • University of Missouri, Kansas City
  • Penn State University (Pfaltsgraf corporation)
  • International Women's Association, Seoul, Korea
  • Augusta State University, Human Resources
  • Doosan conglomerate, Seoul, Korea
 Public Gardens
Joyce Pearl Jones, 
Eco-GardenTour Guide and certified Botanical Docent
Trained by Brookgreen Gardens as a volunteer Botanical Docent, Ms. Jones led garden tours through America's largest outdoor sculpture garden in 2003.
As a Tour Director, Ms. Jones specializes in Asian gardens (Japanese, Chinese, Korean) and other gardens-within-a-garden (i.e. Turkish Ottoman garden, Missouri Botancial Garden) that give the guest both a garden experience and an exotic cultural experience.
Ms. Jones continues to introduce garden lovers to the "gems" of garden tourism.
Her newest discovery? 
The Garden of Infinite Compassion, a GEM of a garde, is a garden within a garden, is an Asian style, contemplative garden that she recently discovered in Ketchum, Idaho. Blessed by the Dalai Lama who delivered a 400 pound prayer wheel as a focal point in the garden, this garden was designed as a memorial to 9-11 victims and their families.
Kaufmann Memorial Gardens, Kansas City, is an intimate city garden and a good place to remember loved ones. Ms. Jones partnered in 2005 with professional speaker, author and gardener, Dr. Jean Lebudun Mairs of St Joseph, MO,  to lead tours of this garden for spiritual groups.
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